Stairs to Nowhere

Nowhere does not exist. It is an illusion, a distortion of the reality, oscillating between two worlds. Michel Rajkovic brings us into a paradoxical universe where we are reassured by the materiality of the landscapes and, at the same time, destabilized by the unreality of the scenes. Like metaphors, the photos oscillate between reality and oneirism and their meaning is beyond the scene itself. By his minimalist approach, he is searching for the emotional dimension hidden in the invisible. However, his vision goes far beyond delight. It is not only the locations, but mainly the emotions related to them which interest him. This dreamlike vision of the landscape is not supported by any computer assistance. The places, the lights and the atmospheres are real, the impression of fantasy comes from a special shooting technique reinforced by the timeless strength and the poetry of the black and white.

No room for improvisation, each photo is previously mentally built. Like a director, Michel Rajkovic positions the setting, direct the light and choose its atmospheres ... The difficult part is to have a perfect match between the mental construction and the reality because at the end the nature decides, inevitably.
A real search for the right light starts then, search for the ideal conditions of the shooting forcing Michel Rajkovic to come back again and again on the spot, waiting for the perfect alchemy to happen and to make sure that the photo imagined becomes reality.

In these very rare moments, Michel Rajkovic half-opens the door of his imagination and bring us into a journey in the middle of nowhere...